EMS Outcomes


The partnership between OhioHealth and Emergency Medical Services organizations is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of the continuum of care. Through continual quality improvement, open communications, education and feedback, together we advance clinical excellence.

OhioHealth EMS will provide patient follow-up information to authorized EMS providers for quality assurance or continuum of care purposes.

Who may request patient follow-up information?

The following individuals may request patient follow-up information for the purposes of process improvement:

  • EMS provider involved in the patient’s care
  • EMS officer/supervisor
  • EMS medical director

How do I request patient follow-up information?

For patients transported to any OhioHealth hospital or emergency department, send this form or the requested information from this EMS Feedback Form via email to emsoutcomes@ohiohealth.com.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend patient follow-up information requests be submitted through a verified, secure method. The OhioHealth Secure Email Message Center may be used to submit requests.

How do I receive the patient follow-up information?

If a fire, EMS, government, or predesignated verifiable email address is available, patient follow-up information will be sent to the EMS system’s process improvement coordinator via our Secure Email Message Center.

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Additional Information

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