Academic pricing now available from Magna Fortis Stethoscopes


Magna Fortis Stethoscopes

is proud to support Grant Medical Center EMS Education by providing academic pricing for it’s line of stethoscopes.

Their mission is to “Level the playing field to eliminate the disparity between have and have not students; make the most advanced stethoscopes affordable to all EMS students, by purchase directly through the manufacturer at production cost, enabling every student to achieve their full auscultation potential, and increase their cognition of audible physiological signs, ti improve patient care.”

Faculty, staff and students are authorized to use the Grant Medical Center academic code in the Magna Fortis store to obtain licensed and subsidized academic pricing (MSRP minus 70%) for stethoscopes. Products with academic pricing do not include accessory kits and may not be purchased for re-sale.

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Enter Academic Code: H43215