US 2010 Rural Fire Assistance Outreach Grants

The U.S. Department of the Interior has posted the guidance for the 2010 Rural Fire Assistance (RFA) Outreach Grant. The purpose is to implement the National Fire Plan by increasing firefighter safety and enhancing the knowledge and fire protection capability of rural and volunteer fire departments by providing basic wildland firefighting supplies and equipment. The RFA program provides funding to improve the capacity and capabilities of rural and volunteer fire departments (RFDs) that protect rural communities and play a substantial cooperative role in the suppression of wildland fires within, or in the vicinity of lands managed by the DOI. : The maximum award per grantee, per fiscal year, cannot exceed $20,000. Funding may be used only for training, personnel protective equipment and basic wildland response gear, communications equipment limited to P-25 compliant handheld radios or mobile units for response vehicle, basic wildland response tools and equipment (hand tools, water handling equipment, fittings and accessories, etc.), and fire prevention activities specific to wildland fire management.

The draft program announcement can be reviewed by visiting:

Due date: April 30, 2010

To receive an application and state deadlines, contact your local representative listed in the table on pages 5-9 of the program guidance. NO applications are to be sent to the National DOI Agencies.

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