OhioHealth Stroke Network Reaches 500th TeleStroke Consult Milestone

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The OhioHealth Stroke Network, the first partnership for stroke treatment and research of its kind in Ohio, recently conducted its 500th TeleStroke consult. This advanced telemedicine network offers patients at 19 regional hospitals the same specialized stroke care available at larger OhioHealth institutions enabling better patient outcomes.

In one minute of having a stroke, over one million irreplaceable brain cells are lost. With the OhioHealth Stroke Network and their partnership with REACH Health, stroke specialists are able to remotely evaluate patient conditions, view test results, and confer with community hospital physicians to immediately help determine the course of action. 

“When treating a stroke, time is brain,” said Paula Meyers, System Director of the OhioHealth Stroke Network. “With the Stroke Network, stroke victims get immediate access to experts who treat strokes every day, increasing their chances of a better outcome.”

When a stroke victim is brought to a regional hospital’s Emergency Department, the emergency medical team provides direct treatment on-site while collaborating with OhioHealth’s emergency stroke team using innovative real-time technology provided by REACH Health.

The REACH Telemedicine system utilizes comprehensive patient data in tandem with real-time audio/video interaction,. allowing the OhioHealth stroke specialists to actually see and interact with the patient.

“It’s a great feeling to know REACH’s technology has enabled OhioHealth to extend their expertise beyond their own walls, reaching so many patients at the point of need,” said Richard Otto, CEO at REACH Health.

Not only has the partnership with REACH Health allowed OhioHealth to use advanced technology to remotely treat stroke patients, the partnership between OhioHealth and regional hospitals ensures neurological coverage to support patients suffering from strokes, even if they are not physically at one of OhioHealth’s Primary Stroke Centers – Riverside Methodist Hospital or Grant Medical Center.

“Working together to mesh our talents and leverage the latest communications technology helps ensure stroke patients have access to accelerated diagnosis and advanced therapies from anywhere in our system,” said William E. Carroll, MD, Medical Director of Neurology at Grant Medical Center.

About the OhioHealth Stroke Network
The OhioHealth Stroke Network is the first partnership for stroke treatment and research of its kind in Ohio. Using advanced telemedicine technology, the network offers emergency teams at 19 hospitals located throughout the region the same specialized stroke care found at larger OhioHealth institutions – namely Riverside Methodist Hospital and Grant Medical Center. The OhioHealth Stroke Network is still growing, so check to see if your local hospital has joined our regional partners by going to www.ohiohealth.com/strokenetwork.

About REACH Health
REACH Health, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is a healthcare technology company with a specialized focus on telemedicine solutions. The company’s technology overcomes traditional obstacles of time and distance to connect specialty physicians’ patients for live consultations using comprehensive patient data in tandem with real-time audio/video interaction. REACH’s multidiscipline solutions benefit numerous clinical environments including emergency rooms, ICUs, and patient rooms covering a range of disciplines including: pulmonology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry and stroke applications. For more information, visit www.reachhealth.com.

About OhioHealth
OhioHealth is a nationally recognized, faith-based, not-for-profit, charitable, healthcare organization serving and supported by the community. Named by Thomson Reuters as one of the 10 best healthcare systems in America three years in a row, OhioHealth also has been recognized by FORTUNE magazine as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” six years in a row, 2007-2012.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, it is a family of 21,000 associates, physicians and volunteers, 18 hospitals, 23 health and surgery centers, home-health providers , medical equipment and health service suppliers throughout a 40-county area. OhioHealth member hospitals include Riverside Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Doctors Hospital – Columbus, Grady Memorial Hospital, Dublin Methodist Hospital, Doctors Hospital-Nelsonville, Hardin Memorial Hospital and Marion General Hospital. For more information, please visit our website atwww.ohiohealth.com.