Advanced 12-Lead Interpretation Class, October 26, 2013

Advanced 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Course
October 26, 2013 0900-1530 hrs
OhioHealth Grant Medical Center

The course simplifies learning with a three-step method for interpreting 12-lead ECGs, first exposing you to new information, then offering examples, and finally asking you to apply your knowledge. 12-lead interpretation is taken one step further by providing strategies to determine the likelihood of the presence of STEMI versus other causes of ST elevation.

Participants should have basic 12-lead interpretation competency prior to the course.
Individual course fee: $140 with loaner textbook
A textbook may be purchased for an additional fee of $60, if desired.

Contact the LifeLink office, if interested. On-campus garage parking and lunch are provided
Registration form is available at: