May 2011 Successes for Grant Medical Center’s Emergency Department

The month of May was a milestone for Grant Medical Center’s Emergency Department! We saw 7290 patients for the month. This was the first time in Grant’s history we saw over 7000 patients.

Other stats for May:

  • The Average Length of Stay in ED (Overall) was 3:40
  • Our overall Door-to-Doc time was 28 minutes
  • Our Patient Satisfaction score was in the 99%ile
  • We had a Diversion time of “zero” for EMS

What does this mean and why does it matter? We work very hard to provide the best possible care in the most efficient and effective manner for your patients and others that come to our ED. Our team has been very successful in getting patients in, seen by a physician and either admitted or discharged.

EMS had virtually no delays in getting patients into rooms quickly and we did not divert any EMS units during the month. We truly believe EMS is our partner and value your time and efforts in providing good patient care.

Thanks for helping us be successful!